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Search multimedia files for persons of interest using
Exponent FacialRecognitionTM

Exponent FacialRecognitionTM implements industry leading-edge technology, directly within X-Ways Forensics, to identify, match and extract faces from photographs and video files. A new tool to support discovery of CASM content in cases involving crimes against children.

Features at a Glance

Accelerate your crimes against children investigations and CASM discovery using facial recognition technology.
Feature Description
Face Matching Accurately locate and match persons of interest within photograps and video files contained in your X-Ways Forensics case file. All you need is a photo of the person you are looking for and Exponent FacialRecognitionTM will do the rest!
Face Identification Identify one or many faces from any photograph or video files contained within your X-Ways Forensics case file. Faces do not need to be known. By default, identified faces are saved as new child objects to their parent photograph or video file.
Face Extraction Faces that are matched or identified can be saved as new child objects to their parent photographs or video files. In addition, you have the option to export faces to any user selected folder on your computer.
Photo Lineups Using Exponent FacialRecognitionTM, you can easily generate photo lineups of persons of interest for reporting purposes.

System Requirements

Facial recognition can be a resource intensive process. As a result, high performing computers are recommended.
Requirement Description
X-Ways Forensics Version 19.3 or above is required to run Exponent Facial RecognitionTM.
Disk Space Fast storage disks with large caches are strongly recommended. Use solid state drives for best performance. Make sure you also have ample disk space when importing large quantities and sizes of videos and photos into X-Ways Forensics.
Physical Memory (RAM) It's always a good idea when working with multimedia files to have ample physical memory (RAM). This is a very commonplace requirement when conducting forensic processing and examination of videographic and photographic evidence. 32GB is a minimum recommendation in most cases. 64GB or higher is best!
CPU and GPU Fast, multiple core and high thread count processors are recommended for optimal performance.

Product FAQs

Here are some of the more common questions and answers that we have received.

Are images taken from an IP camera supported?

Yes, MJPEG cameras are supported.

What is the speed and accuracy of face Exponent Face RecognitionTM?

Exponent FaceRecognitionTM can compare a single face against a database of faces at a matching rate of 53 million comparisons per second on an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X processor with 12 threads.

Are there additional fees or hidden costs to use Exponent FacialRecognitionTM?

No. Your subscription to use Exponent APITM and all X-Tensions that come with it are included in your annual license fee. There are no additional costs to use our facial recognition technology.

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