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What exactly is Exponent?

ExponentTM is a library of independent X-Tensions (Dynamic Link Libraries) designed exclusively to run inside of X-Ways Forensics (XWF). Each X-Tension in the library is a standalone DLL that is loaded (executed) from within the XWF software. An open Case File is required for most of the X-Tensions. ExponentTM is designed to extend and enhance the functionality of XWF by supporting new artifacts and in some cases improving the manner in which evidence is displayed, managed or reported.

How is Exponent licensed?

Use of ExponentTM is managed via a non-perpetual subscription-based license.

Each license includes access to ALL X-Tensions available in the library, including updates and any NEW X-Tensions that are released within the subscription period.

Each license is tethered to a specific X-Ways Forensics dongle or BYOD/copy protection device (the nLicID found in the About window).

ExponentTM is licensed on a one-license-per-dongle basis. A single license is paired with a specific nLicID belonging to a specific dongle or BYOD.

NETWORK DONGLES: ExponentTM can be licensed for multiple computers where a XWF network dongle is in use, provided that there is an equivalent number of licenses of Exponent purchased.

ExponentTM is licensed as a 1-year subscription. If a subscription is allowed to expire, then the software no longer functions. Please note that multiple year subscriptions are available.

Subscriptions can be configured to coincide with renewal dates of other forensic tools in your lab. Ask us for details.

What X-Tensions are included with my subscription?

Your subsciption to the Exponent library grants you access to ALL X-Tension modules contained within the library. That means you will continue to have access to all X-Tensions, as more and more features (modules) are added to Exponent. We are committed to providing a fully featured all-inclusive solution that is priced fairly. You don't need to worry about new features being added with their own additional costs. Exponent is a single toolbox, with many tools, at a single cost.

How often can I expect updates to the software?

We are continuously improving our software. This includes bug fixes and new features, and overall product improvements. You can expect regular updates at no cost within the subscription period.

Do you take requests for new features?

Absolutely, 100%! We built Exponent to make your life easier and to improve the speed, quantity and quality of the evidence in your investigations. We get excited at new suggestions and how we can improve our products. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do let us know.

How do I determine the nLicID for my X-Ways Forensics dongle or BYOD/copy protection device?

Start by launching an instance of X-Ways Forensics. In the top right corner of the main window, you will see the version (build) number of the version of X-Ways Forensics currently installed on your system. Click once overtop of the version number using the left mouse button1 and an About window will appear. At the bottom of that window, you will see a button with the caption: nLicID2. When you click on that button, a 32-byte value will appear. That is your nLicID. It is recommended you COPY3 and PASTE the nLicID into an email when contacting us.




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