Exponent TM

ExponentTM is a comprehensive forensic software library of 64-Bit DFIR add-on X-Tensions (Dynamic Link Libraries) for X-Ways Forensics. A valid license of X-Ways Forensics Version 19.3 or higher is required to use this product.

$795 USD per user license ( Regular 1-Year Subscription )

You can also buy now using a credit card. Just be sure to send us your dongle nLicID so we can then send you your license via email.

Special 50% Off Promotion: Limited Time Only

Extend your new 1-year subscription to a 2-year subscription, at time of purchase, and get the 2nd year for only $395 USD.   No restrictions on quantity.  Available only at time of purchase of new licenses.


With exception to the special offer noted above, each individual user license is provided as an annual renewable 1-year subscription. Licenses are file-based and delivered electronically by email upon completion of purchase. Please note that the software will cease to function at the end of the subscription period unless it is renewed.

What's Included

Your license includes Exponent CloudMailTM, Exponent MobileMessagingTM and Exponent MobileMediaTM X-Tensions, plus ALL new X-Tensions that are added to the library within the subscription period – at no additional cost.

ExponentTM is an all-inclusive library which means you will never have to pay individually for X-Tensions. This is our commitment to delivering on-going value to our customers.

Purchase Options

We can invoice against most government and law enforcement purchase orders. Credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard) and international money transfers are also accepted.

How we license
our software

Use of ExponentTM is managed via a non-perpetual, annual renewable file-based license subscription.

Each license includes access to ALL X-Tensions available in the library, including updates and any NEW X-Tensions that are released within the subscription period.

Each subscription (license) is linked to a specific X-Ways Forensics (XWF) dongle or BYOD/copy protection device, via the device's nLicID. The nLicID can be determined via the About window in XWF.

ExponentTM can be licensed for multiple computers where a single XWF network dongle is in use, provided that there is an equivalent number of licenses of Exponent purchased.

Please note that if a subscription is allowed to expire, then the software no longer functions.

Subscriptions can be configured to coincide with renewal dates of other forensic tools in your lab. Ask us for details.

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