About Our Software

ExponentTM is the #1 Choice of DFIR
Add-Ons for X-Ways Forensics

ExponentTM is an exclusive library of powerful 64-bit X-Tensions that extend your forensic data analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities, for everyday digital forensic and cyber security investigations.

Features Available
Service Providers
Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail, Office 365)
Google (Gmail)
Yahoo (Yahoo Mail)
AOL (AOL Mail)
Zoho (Zoho Mail)
Other 3rd party IMAP Providers
Keyword Searching
Case Insensitive
GREP (Regular Expressions)
Ability to save keyword lists
Ability to load saved keywords lists
Built-in keyword and GREP expression validator
Ability to target only specific fields in an email message
Ability to target the filename of any attachments
Extract and search text from PDF attachments using Tessaract OCR feature already included with X-Ways Forensics
Date Range Filtering
Custom date range using 24-Hour Clock Format
Ability to specify time (From, To)
Special Note
Emails are saved directly into X-Ways Forensics (XWF)
Email subject appears in XWF via the Name column for ease of review
Supported Artifacts MSAB XRY Magnet Axiom iTunes Backup
SMS Messages
MMS Messages
Instagram Profile
Instagram Direct Messages
WhatsApp Messages
Voicemail Recordings
Voicemail Transcripts
Special Features
Messages are converted into .EML file format
Message attachments are embedded inside the .EML file
Message sender and recipients are coded into .EML
iOS And Android iOS only
Supported Artifacts MSAB XRY Magnet Axiom iTunes Backup
Pictures - all picture file formats supported by the data source. This includes the most common formats: JPG, PNG, HEIC.
Video Files - all video formats supported by the data source. This includes the most common formats: MP4, MOV, HEIC.

We can help your organization realize the full potential of mobile forensics and solve more cases. Discover how you can develop your strategy and capabilities.

Why ExponentTM?

  • #1 Choice DFIR Add-On for X-Ways Forensics
  • Compiled + Fast 64-bit X-Tensions
  • Built by a Team with Law Enforcement & Private Industry Experience
  • Built Exclusively for X-Ways Forensics
  • Extend Your Forensic Discovery, Visualization & Reporting Capabilities
  • What our clients have to say about us


    "API Forensics gives X-Ways Forensics features that I expected XWF to have in the first place!"

    Brett Shavers
    Author of the X-Ways Forensics
    Practitioner's Guide
    (1st and 2nd editions)

    I Love This!

    "I can finally bring mobile device evidence into X-Ways Forensics and search everything at the same time! This is such a HUGE time saver. Thank you!"

    Police Badge
    Chris Spencer
    Law Enforcement


    "If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to import and process Cloud Mail into your X-Ways Forensics case while preserving data integrity and harnessing the power of X-Ways Forensics, this is it!"

    Derek Frawley
    Certified XWF Trainer, Canada

    How we license
    our software

    Use of ExponentTM is managed via a non-perpetual, annual renewable file-based license subscription.

    Each license includes access to ALL X-Tensions available in the library, including updates and any NEW X-Tensions that are released within the subscription period.

    Each subscription (license) is linked to a specific X-Ways Forensics (XWF) dongle or BYOD/copy protection device, via the device's nLicID. The nLicID can be determined via the About window in XWF.

    ExponentTM can be licensed for multiple computers where a single XWF network dongle is in use, provided that there is an equivalent number of licenses of Exponent purchased.

    Please note that if a subscription is allowed to expire, then the software no longer functions.

    Subscriptions can be configured to coincide with renewal dates of other forensic tools in your lab. Ask us for details.

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