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Import multimedia files into X-Ways Forensics using
Exponent MobileMediaTM

Now there's a powerful tool that can import photographic and video file evidence, obtained from mobile devices, directly into your X-Ways Forensics case files.

Features at a Glance

It is finally possible to merge mobile device media files with desktop media files.
Feature Description
Import Multimedia Files from Mobile Devices Supports the importation into X-Ways Forensics of mobile device photographs and video files that have been forensically collected by *. This feature was last tested and verified using version
One-Stop Analysis Now you can finally conduct examination of videos and photos, acquired from different device sources, using just one forensic tool! No longer do you have to conduct the exact same examinations of evidence obtained from different devices, using different forensic tools. Using the functionality of Exponent MobileMedia, in conjunction with the power and extensibility of X-Ways Forensics, it is now possible to do your examination one time only!
Android Device Support Import videos and photos from Android devices acquired using *.
iOS Device Support Import videos and photos from Apple devices acquired using *.

System Requirements

There are a few things you need to know in order to make your message collection and analysis successful.
Requirement Description
X-Ways Forensics Version 19.3 or above is required to run Exponent MobileMediaTM.
* You will need to have a licensed version of * installed on your computer. A minimum version of is recommended. This is not required if you choose to import media from a standalone iTunes Backup folder.
Disk Space Make sure you have ample disk space when importing large quantities and sizes of videos and photos into X-Ways Forensics.
Physical Memory (RAM) It's always a good idea when working with multimedia files to have ample physical memory (RAM). This is a very commonplace requirement when conducting forensic processing and examination of videographic and photographic evidence. 32GB is a minimum recommendation in most cases. 64GB or higher is best!

Product FAQs

Here are some of the more common questions and answers that we have received.

Can media files be imported from * acquired devices?

Yes, absolutely.

What forensic mobile device software tools are supported?

While only * is supported at this time, development is underway to provide support for other vendor products. If you are using a different product for your mobile device examinations, we would like to hear from you.

How are multimedia files retrieved from devices acquired by *?

Exponent MobileMediaTM scans the various case and evidence files created by * and meticulously validates and extracts artifacts identified as pictures or videos. Once imported into X-Ways Forensics, it is recommended to run Refine Volume Snapshot to further process the imported media files (e.g., video frame carving, skin tone analysis, Exif metadata extraction).

How are imported media file timestamps reported in X-Ways Forensics?

Media files that are imported from a 3rd party mobile forensic product will adopt any timestamps that were decoded by the tool. These are represented in X-Ways Forensics as any one or more (usually one) of the following available fields: Created, Modified, Accessed and Content Created.

Media files that are imported directly from an iTunes Backup (e.g., a folder on your local disk or collected by a 3rd party mobile forensic software tool) will utilize the Modified timestamp column in X-Ways Forensics. This column maps directly to the file metadata's LastModified variable. Each file entry in the Manifest.db, stores the file's metadata in binary PList format which is decoded by Exponent MobileMediaTM

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